Rockrobot Oy

Rockrobot Oy is a R&D company established in 2013. The company develops and sells technically advanced drilling robots for companies working on rock excavation and renovation projects.

We also provide maintenance services for drilling machines (specialized in hydraulic drifters) and equipment, irrespective of the brand. For more information, click the Maintenance tab.

The products designed by Rockrobot Oy allow contractors to perform all phases of rock construction work in residential areas using just one piece of equipment and thus achieve remarkable savings. 

The strenght of company is based on the experienced and skilled key personnel, innovative products that make business more efficient for customer as well as the extensive network of partners.




We value product development and want to introduce innovative products.


Our products allow our customer to do their work at lower costs and with more quality.


Our personnel have plenty of experience working in the industry. Our expertise ensures a high level of quality.